Three missionaries, including American couple, killed by gang in Haiti | CNN (2024)


Three missionaries, including a married couple from the US, were killed in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, onThursday evening.

Davy and Natalie Lloyd “were attacked by gangs this evening and were both killed,”Natalie Lloyd’s father, Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker, said in a Facebook post. “They went to Heaven together.”

“Please pray for my family we desperately need strength. And please pray for the Lloyd family as well,” Baker said.

Mission director Jude Montis, 45, was also killed. All three worked for Missions in Haiti, Inc., which has been operated by Davy Lloyd’s parents for more thantwo decades, according tothe group’s website.

Davy Lloyd, 23, had a “love for Haiti,” his father David Lloyd told CNN. “His first language was Creole. He used to tell us when he was little that someday he was going to be a missionary in Haiti.”

He and Natalie Lloyd, 21, were ambushed as they left church in Port-au-Prince on Thursday evening, according to David Lloyd.

Three missionaries, including American couple, killed by gang in Haiti | CNN (1)

American missionaries Davy and NatalieLloyd were killed in Haiti on Thursday, May 23, family members said.

“Davy was taken to the house tied up and beat. The gang then took our trucks and loaded everything up they wanted and left,” a post on Missions in Haiti’sFacebook page said.

Three hours later, the organizationpostedthat the three missionaries “were shot and killed by the gang about 9 o’clock this evening. We all aredevastated.”

It’s still unclear how exactly the missionaries were killed. The investigation into the killings is ongoing, and Haitian police have not yet released any details on them.

Local emergency response service Haitian Emergency Response Operations (HERO) assisted in coordinating and managing the operation to retrieve the bodies and transport the remains of the American couple to a hospital morgue.

“Currently, we are working to retrieve the bodies of Natalie and Davy,” Baker said on social media Friday night, adding that the effort will involve obtaining a waiver. “After that, we have to find an airline that will be willing to do the transport. Prayers that this will all go smoothly.”

He remembered the couple as people who put others before themselves, telling CNN Friday evening that he commends their bravery.

“I don’t think you can find a better example of people who truly had a deep love for the people of Haiti and had a vision to help them in anyway that they could and made such an impact there among the different ministries they were involved in,” Baker told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on “The Source.”

‘Our last call’

David Lloyd told CNN that he was on the phone with his son during the attacks.

The mission and church across the street have two security guards, but when the 23-year-old came out of the church around 6 p.m., “three pick-up trucks full of guys with guns overwhelmed them immediately,” he said.

The armed men dragged Davy Lloyd to the house, tied him up, and started looting the compound, according to his father, who said children from the orphanage were in the compound at the time.

After the gang left with its haul, Davy Lloyd called his father.

“He was injured, and he was hurt. He was nervous, and very very scared,” David Lloyd said. “He was begging me to find someone to get in there and help him, and I did all I could but I couldn’t locate anybody.”

Then more armed men arrived, he said.

“He told me, ‘I have to go down, something else is going down. I gotta go see what it is,’” David Lloyd recalled. “That was basically our last call.”

Around that time, someone shot one of the newly arrived gang members, sparking a violent backlash, he said.

“Davy went in and barricaded himself in my personal home with his wife and (mission director) Jude Montis. The gang shot that place up until they got the door busted down and shot them, and set Davy and Jude on fire.”

HERO, the ambulance service, confirmed to CNN that Davy Lloyd’s body was found burned at the scene.

Haitian police will work with international law enforcement to investigate the killings, police spokesperson Gary Desrosiers told CNN on Friday.

“This is an open investigation but we are sure we will arrest those involved. For now, we’re working on protecting the public and the community while actively searching for the perpetrators,” he said.

Three missionaries, including American couple, killed by gang in Haiti | CNN (2)

This photo provided by Brad Searcy Photography shows Davy and Natalie Lloyd.

On Missions in Haiti’s website, Davy Lloyd can be seen talking about growing up in the Caribbean nation and doing manual labor on the mission compound. He previously survived a kidnapping in Port-au-Prince in 2005, when he was just 5 years old, his father said.

According to a report that year by the Tulsa World newspaper, Davy Lloyd, his sister and foster sister were abducted in a carjacking on their way home from school. But police were able to locate the kidnappers, rescue the children and quickly return them to their parents, according to the report.

“We got them back 21 hours later,” David Lloyd recalled.

‘The security situation in Haiti cannot wait’

In a statement to CNN Friday, the White House said it was aware of the reports and expressed condolences while urging for the expedited deployment of UN Security Council-approved international police force to the region.

“We are aware of the reports of the deaths of U.S. citizens in Haiti.Our hearts go out to the families of those killed as they experience unimaginable grief,” a national security spokesperson told CNN.

“The security situation in Haiti cannot wait. That is why yesterday, President Biden reiterated our commitment to support the expedited the deployment of the Multinational Security Support (MSS) Mission to bolster the Haitian National Police’s capabilities to protect civilians, restore the rule of law, and pave the way to democratic governance.”

Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson also mourned the couple’s loss on X Friday morning, calling it “absolutely heartbreaking news.”

Until now, the area around the Missions in Haiti compound had felt largely safe despite the violence in the rest of the city, according to David Lloyd, who was in the country until a few days ago.

“We haven’t really heard any gunshots in any of this. Our school’s been open, the church has been functioning, the bakery’s been selling bread every day,” he said.

When flights resumed last week to Port-au-Prince’s Toussaint Louverture International Airport, Lloyd said he asked his son and daughter-in-law if they would like to leave Haiti, but they declined.

Three missionaries, including American couple, killed by gang in Haiti | CNN (3)

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“We know Haiti is a very volatile situation, we know that it’s dangerous,” he said. “But we had a good rapport with the groups in our area, and they’d left us alone. But from what I understand this was an outside group that came in initially from about a mile away, that started it all.”

Natalie Lloyd’s father told CNN the couple didn’t leave even when they had the opportunity to do so because of the children they were taking care of.

“They made the decision to remain even when it got worse because they felt like if they left, then those kids would have no where to go,” Baker said on “The Source.”

He believes the initial gang attack was just intended as a robbery, with the gangs trying to take what they can before the UN’s Multinational Security Support mission arrives.

“We have a pretty large mission compound, lots of stuff. With the international military force that’s supposed to be coming in any day, I think the gangs are trying to get all they can get because they realize their times may be coming to an end,” he said.

In a joint news conference with Kenyan President William Ruto on Thursday, Biden defended the decision not to deploy US troops to Haiti, telling reporters doing socould raise “all kinds of questions that can be easily misrepresented by what we’re trying to do, and be able to be used by those who disagree with us and against the interests of Haiti and the United States,” while pointing to material support, including equipment and training, the US has already provided to address the crisis.

The Facebook feed ofMissions in Haitihas told the story of the increasing dire conditions in the country this year. “The gangs are still fighting for more control and chaos rules,” the organizationpostedApril 23. “It seems the world has turned their backs on Haiti and it is going to be left in complete gang control.”

This story and headline have been updated with additional details.

CNN’s Donald Judd and Kaanita Iyer contributed to this report.

Three missionaries, including American couple, killed by gang in Haiti | CNN (2024)


Three missionaries, including American couple, killed by gang in Haiti | CNN? ›

Three missionaries, including a married couple from the US, were killed in Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, on Thursday evening. Davy and Natalie Lloyd “were attacked by gangs this evening and were both killed,” Natalie Lloyd's father, Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker, said in a Facebook post.

Who were the missionaries killed in Haiti? ›

Thursday's killings of Davy and Natalie Lloyd, and Jude Montis, the local director of a mission group, Missions in Haiti Inc., happened in the community of Lizon in northern Port-au-Prince. They were leaving a youth group activity at a church, a family member told The Associated Press.

What happened to David and Natalie Lloyd? ›

This photo provided by Brad Searcy Photography shows Davy and Natalie Lloyd. The couple was killed in Haiti after being ambushed in Port-au-Prince.

What happened to Natalie and David? ›

Young American couple doing missionary work are killed by gangs in Haiti. David Lloyd and his wife, Natalie, the daughter of Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker, and a third member of their missionary group were fatally shot in the attack.

Are there missionaries in Haiti? ›

Missionary work opened for Haiti in 1980 and in 1982, there were 12 missionaries serving in Haiti from the West Indies Mission.

How many missionaries kidnapped in Haiti? ›

The charges brought today are related to the Oct. 16, 2021, kidnapping of 17 Christian missionaries near Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Was a ransom paid for the missionaries kidnapped in Haiti? ›

The accounts from former hostages and other Christian Aid Ministries staffers, in recent recorded talks to church groups and others, are the first public acknowledgment from the organization that ransom money was paid at any point following the Oct. 16 kidnapping of 16 Americans and a Canadian affiliated with CAM.

Did David and Natalie stay together? ›

Relationship status: They broke up. At the altar, Natalie told him they had to work through their issues and that she could not marry him.

Does Natalie not work for David anymore? ›

For years, Natalie Mariduena (Natalie Noel) was known as David Dobrik's assistant. But now she's a successful creator of her own and also President of David Dobrik LLC: A company that has their own product lines, owns a restaurant and a fitness nutrition company and also invests in early stage startups.

Who is Natalie having a baby with? ›

Henry Cavill is going to be a dad. At Monday's premiere of The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, the actor confirmed to Access Hollywood that he and his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, are expecting their first child. “I'm very excited about it. Natalie and I are both very excited.

Is Natalie still married to Mike? ›

Kelly Wynne has been a TV writer at PEOPLE digital since 2021. Her work has been seen in Newsweek, where she acted as a reality TV and true-crime writer, Atwood Magazine and her mental health blog, The Chronically. It's official: Natalie Mordovtseva and Michael Youngquist are getting divorced.

Where is Natalie living now? ›

Mike crushed Natalie's hopes by making her live in small-town Sequim, Washington. Natalie dumped Mike and headed to Florida, where she met Josh at a casting event and started dating him. Natalie moved to California in 2023, but her life has only gotten worse instead of her becoming a Hollywood celebrity.

Is the LDS Temple in Haiti safe? ›

The homes of some Church members have been severely damaged, and members are receiving medical attention for injuries. The Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple and its adjoining meetinghouse are in perfect condition and will continue to provide services.

Who brought Christianity to Haiti? ›

Haiti saw the introduction of Christianity when Europeans arrived to colonize the island. It was first introduced by the Spanish, later followed by French colonialists. The primary brand of Christianity was Catholicism.

Is Haiti safe to visit? ›

Latest update:We continue to advise do not travel to Haiti. The security situation is volatile. Violent crime is common, including murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, assault, sexual assault and carjacking.

Is Haiti a US territory? ›

Answer and Explanation: No, Haiti is a sovereign nation, just like its neighbor the Dominican Republic, and does not belong to the United States or to France. Haiti won independence in 1804, the first slave rebellion against European colonists to be successful.

What do missionaries do? ›

A missionary may perform their work through formal teaching in a classroom or religious setting or through informal communication. In addition, many missionaries perform acts of community building. The particular mission's goal may depend on the skill set and education of the missionaries.

What is next to Haiti? ›

The Dominican Republic borders Haiti on the eastern side of the island. Haiti's closest neighbors include Jamaica to the west and Cuba to the northwest. Hayti means "land of the mountains” in the Indigenous, or native, Taíno language.

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